KlankLicht Dieren

KlankLicht Dieren is net zoals Kerstlicht een bewerkte versie van Klanklicht. Dit spel is geschikt voor EMB Cliënten.

Je hebt de beschikking over 16 verschillende dieren met dierengeluiden:
Ezel, Specht, Mens, Beer
Dolfijn, Kip, Varken, Kat
Aap, Konijn, Leeuw, Hond
Paard, Giraf, Koe, Olifant

Deze app is geschikt voor de Google Play Store en Windows:




Korte beschrijving:
Tik en er komt Klank en Licht!


Title: SoundLight Animals

Short: A Fun Game with Animal Sounds.

Tired of searching for a game that is simple and fun for everyone? And without stuff that you should not click on? This is the game for you!

Short description: Just tap and get a nice response in sound and visuals

Description: A very easy game for everyone! You can simply tap the screen anywhere to get a nice sound. To the left the pitch is low and to the right the pitch is high. You also get a strong visual response, with a change in color and brightness (highly visible even if you have reduced vision) and an image that corresponds to the sound.

In this version you will find sixteen different animal sounds:
Donkey, Woodpecker, Human, Bear
Dolphin, Chicken, Pig, Cat
Monkey, Rabbit, Lion, Dog
Horse, Giraffe, Cow, Elephant

You can change the sound by dragging the circles towards the middle of the screen.